Momentum is not a muscle


If you have to use momentum to lift your weights they are likely too heavy. 

This is gonna be a smorgasbord of a post …
First, I am now an LA Fitness employee, a yoga and cycle group fitness instructor. Starting soon I will be teaching three cycle classes and one yoga class with the hopes of adding some more yoga classes.
I’ve been taking yoga classes at the town house community fitness center. And I have had the opportunity to sub three of those classes already. I subbed a yoga class at another gym near me.
I took a body conditioning/body sculpting class on Wednesday. I have the possibility to teach this class as well after some training.
I haven’t taken a class like that in more than a year. Wow, two days later and I am still sore.
As we were working our weights the teacher reminded us that momentum is not a muscle. That really stuck with me.
Sometime back I wrote a post about how it is important to use form and not momentum when weight training.
I just might have to steal that phrase and remind my students one day that momentum is not a muscle.