A year later

yoga teacher training

After my graduation, one year ago, I posed with Baxter, my mentor, and my certificate proving that it was official!

A year ago today I graduated from my yoga teacher training at Piedmont Yoga Studio in Oakland, Calif. Wow, it’s already been a year? Wow, it’s only been a year?
Marilyn, my mother-in-law, asked if there would be video of my graduation. I told her no, but there would be photos. Curt did end up taking video. You can watch it here.
I had some idea of what I would use my new knowledge and skills toward. But I had no idea I would be where I am today.
It’s better than I ever imagined.
Two days after I graduated I headed to Tucson for some R&R and some time with my family.
I taught my very first yoga class at Mindful Yoga Studio as a donation class on that trip. It was a scary, but great experience. I appreciated that Hilda let me teach the class at her beautiful studio and all of the students and friends (and family) who came to support me (and Tucson’s food bank).
I started subbing at Alameda Athletic Club in August and September for the regular teacher. She went on maternity leave in October and I took over her classes while she was on leave.
Since I had been taking indoor cycling classes for years I decided to get certified to teach these classes as well. I took the certification class and exam in December.
Once Curt and I were settled in Portland I started contacting gyms and studios near where we live at the end of January.
But the end of February I was teaching a few classes a week.
I am now teaching five cycle classes and eight yoga classes each week with a few sub classes sprinkled in. Also in the temporary I am working a front-desk shift at Turtles Yoga & Wellness to learn a few things and help out.
My updated class schedule can be found here, where my yoga classes and cycle classes are listed along with any classes I am subbing.
I really do love teaching and I think I found my true calling. I love connecting with my students and having fun.
The relationships I have already developed in such a short time is so gratifying. I want my students to trust me and come to me when they need.
I want to share what I know and learn about yoga, the body, the mind, the breath, alignment, etc. with my students in both yoga and cycle.
I want to help them find a deeper place in themselves and with their relationships.