Do you know about Super Kegels?

super kegels

Maybe I am doing Super Kegels while enjoying my glass of wine. You never know. Kegel exercises can be done sitting, standing, lying down and done discreetly. No one will ever know … unless you tell them, of course.

After posting my Kegel post last week (which I had written some time ago and had on hand in case I wanted to post and didn’t have anything ready) I was talking with some fellow yoga teachers about it.
They agreed that Kegels are important. But as we were discussing I also found out that Kegel exercises have been updated and there is a better way to do them.
So I decided to look more into this.
Regular Kegel exercises have you squeeze and release the muscles around your pelvic floor quickly. But I found out this can over exhaust the muscles.
Super Kegels are about squeezing and holding for 5-10 seconds initially and then releasing, working toward holding for 20 seconds.
Allina Health provides a drawing, which illustrates the pelvic floor muscles, the anus, vagina and urethra. The site also gives step-by-step instructions on performing Super Kegels.
Allina Health recommends you work up to the Super Kegel.
You can do Kegel exercises standing, sitting or even lying down.
Kegel exercises can help with urinary incontinence, reverse a prolapsed uterus and improve your sex life.
The Kegel Queen, who is a registered nurse, and maintains the site, Kegel Queen Connection, says Kegels show you how to identify and use the pelvic floor muscles directly. Kegels show you how to isolate the pelvic floor.
If  you are consciously contracting the pelvic floor itself, your Kegels will be far more effective if you understand how to focus your efforts on only the pelvic floor muscles, leaving all those extra muscles relaxed, the Kegel Queen explains. … There’s a lot of mystery, cultural baggage, and emotion attached to this part of the body. The organs and muscles you use for sex, birth, and elimination are amazing, miraculous, and necessary parts of you. But we tend to view this area with shame, and most women know little about it.
So maybe we need to start talking about this important issue more. We as women need to understand our bodies and how they work. (Men should as well.)  We need to start or do more talking, researching, looking, knowing and understanding our bodies.
These things are all important to stay healthy and knowledgeable about ourselves.