My second awesome newsletter

supported headstand prep

Self photo shoots rarely work on the first try or even the first 10 tries. The camera snapped as I was going up into Supported Headstand.

My second newsletter came out last Thursday (May 5).
I am reposting it for my GFG! readers right here.
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Dear friends,
Thank you for your interest in my newsletter.
If you didn’t receive the first newsletter (this is only the second) you can click here and read it on my blog. (The first one went out on Friday, April 15.)
There was one broken link in my first newsletter, which took you to my blog post called Going Bone Deep. The link should be good this time around.
Some of you told me you didn’t get the first newsletter. Likely one of two things happened, either I got your e-mail address wrong or the newsletter went into your Spam/Junk folder.
You will either be getting this newsletter once or twice (or even zero times–but then you won’t even know it). After I send it out I am going to follow up with an e-mail. This will let me know who’s e-mail I have incorrect. And if I have it correct it will alert you that a new newsletter has come out. That way you can check your Spam/Junk to see if the newsletters are hiding in there.
I’m excited about some of my upcoming yoga themes:

  • Back by popular demand is for the Desk Jockey running from Wednesday, May 11-Monday, May 16. A desk jockey is a person who sits at a desk. We are a sitting culture and I believe our sitting culture is doing a lot of damage to our bodies. (I wrote a blog post about the desk jockey some time back. Click here to read it.)
  • Core/Balance running from Wednesday, May 18-Monday, May 23. One of my yoga students requested some core work. I feel that core and balance go hand in hand.
  • Strong, Beautiful Warriors running from Wednesday, May 25-Tuesday, May 31. In this sequence we ready and prepare ourselves to work through various Virabhdrasana (Warrior) poses. (I will be subbing two classes at Turtles Yoga & Wellness during Warrior Week.)

Click here to see my full teaching schedule for both yoga and indoor cycling. I keep it regularly updated and will alert you when I will have subs for my classes and when I will be subbing classes.
One of my regular yoga students shared an easy, amazing, delicious, fulfilling and healthy lentils recipe with me. I wrote a blog post about it and it appears on the Recipes Tab on Go Fit Girl! The recipe can be made for the carnivore or the vegan.
For the first time I recently taught my very first private cycling session. I taught my friend how to set up her bike. And gave her the basics on intervals, sprints, jumps and climbs. The session lasted about 45 minutes, which included bike set up, about a 30 minute ride with a warm up and cool down.
Private sessions: Whether you want to work on something specific, you have lots of questions and don’t want to ask in a classroom setting (which I am always OK with and want and encourage) or you just prefer to work one on one or my teaching schedule doesn’t fit into your schedule then a private session might be for you. Private sessions can be for yoga or indoor cycling (as long as you have access to an indoor cycling bike). E-mail me at for rates and more information.
My rates for my private sessions are going up soon. Check in with me now to get in on my lower rates.
The photo above gives you an inside look at a self photo shoot. Sometimes the first 10 times or so you don’t get the picture you want. Eventually you do.
Stay tuned for some exciting updates coming soon.
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I have some cool and exciting ideas I am working on and hope to share them with my friends, students and readers soon. They will be posted in future newsletters.