Good news and bad news

First the bad news: My kickboxing teacher, Keren, is leaving Mavericks. Noooooooo!
We already had a sub for class last Thursday. So not sure when she is actually gone.
Now the good news: But the sub, Aaron, was awesome. The class was different, but still really good. And believe it or not, but it was actually harder. I was so sweaty.
At one point we were doing these leg things and I could barely lift my legs any higher or any longer. They felt like lead.
There were only four of us in the class. But we all thought he was great. And we made sure to let the manager know.
My only complaint was that Aaron’s mitts were too hard. My knuckles were so red. I had a slight cut and a minor bruise. I was kinda hoping my knuckles would be bruised the next day so I could look like a badass. But no such luck. 🙂