I still hate spin class

I am trying to get Erica to write a guest post about why she LOVES spin. Because I seriously don’t get it. And she is gonna be busy soon, Baby O will be here soon.
So help me encourage Erica to write something up. 🙂
Anyway, spin has been so much tougher than usual lately. The classroom in the evenings is so hot! On Tuesday I walked in and was sweating and I hadn’t even gotten on the bike.
We can’t open the door anymore. It is an emergency door and an alarm will sound.
So the gym got us a tornado fan. But so far I have not felt anything from that fan. On Tuesday I noticed it was on but pointed at the teacher. And the instructor HAS a small little fan right by the bike that cools them. (Oh, and I was in the front row that night.)
Today I got to class right at 6 p.m. and the only bikes left were in the back row (there are three rows of bikes). I hate sitting in the back for many reasons: it is difficult to hear and see the instructor and the cooling factor is about nil back there.
The tornado fan was on today, but man, that just didn’t help me. My row had a fan pointed at us. But that didn’t help at all either.
But I survived the class and feel good that I did. I always feel great after spin class. I just hate actually taking part in the class.
Oh, and being in the back row pretty much forces you to look at the clock–which does NOT help you survive the class.
I was happy to pound away on the pedals to old school Michael Jackson: Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’. I have the Thriller album on vinyl. I used to play it on my Popeye the Sailorman record player. Yea baby!