Got my walk in

I put it on my calendar at work and I made sure I got a 30-minute walk in today.
It was a little windy, but other than that it was just fine. It was sunny and fairly warm (though I did have a cardigan on).
walk It was nice to get some fresh air and a little time to myself. I just walked briskly with music playing on the iPhone.
Here is a snap from the iPhone of my view near my work building and the Bay while on my walk.
Pretty nice, eh? Only negative is that it is usually pretty windy. And I really don’t have sensitive ears. But those walks around the Bay near work get my right ear aching a little.
Since I couldn’t go to the gym today I wanted to make sure to get some kind of exercise and time in for myself. I am very much focusing on work/life balance these days, which includes being healthy–exercise and eating right.
The great thing about the iPhone is you have your music and your phone all in one. As Monica pointed out in her guest post it is important to walk with a phone, especially if you are walking alone.