Spin vs. alcoholic beverages

Spin … alcohol … spin … alcohol?
As I was walking out of work two co-workers were also leaving. (One teased me about leaving early at 5:40.) Those two were headed to Chevy’s for Happy Hour. They invited me to join them. But I declined and headed to the gym.
Everything in my body told me to go toward the Chevy’s. Without getting too graphic my body is in a funk right now, water retention, bloating, so tired, wanting to eat everything in sight, etc. You get the picture. Sometimes it really sucks being a girl.
Anyway, I went to spin and somehow survived. There were a few times I felt like I may just fall over and off the bike. But my feet would still be attached since I was clamped in with my cycle shoes.
Even though I am about to fall over in my dinner and sleep for a 1,000 years I made the right choice. Now I am cooking dinner. Just making some black bean concoction with some brown rice. I just threw in onions, garlic, peppers, mushrooms, etc. in with the beans (oh, and I can’t forget the Kickin’ Chicken). Soon the two will merge and I will eat.