My wimpy upper body

I have been really working on my Chaturanga Dandasana in yoga. It is a difficult pose. Between my lack of upper body strength and my slight scoliosis and my major arch in my lower back this pose looks weird when I do it.
We focused on that pose a lot during Monday morning’s class. During and after class I talked to Sarah, the instructor, about it. Sarah asked me how many times a week I do weights. I told her once. She told me two times a week would really help. Not sure how I am gonna fit that into my workout sked since I already work out 6 days a week for a total of seven hours. Maybe 15 minutes after one of my evening spin classes.
Sarah told me that I need to work on upper body strength with lateral pulls and tricep exercises. I do some shoulder weight work in my Saturday body conditioning class. And we do the tricep exercises linked to earlier and these and check out this video. Most of these I could do at home while watching TV. I think I could even mimic the lateral pull with my pink dumbbells.
Oh, there is one benefit to having wimpy skinny arms … no fat. So I have pretty decent muscle definition in my arms. Can’t say that about the lower body. Much work to do in that area.