Vacation weight gain

So from Sept. 12-28 I was on vacation. From about September 1 to present I have been on vacation from being on plan.
And in that time I only gained two pounds. (I am 5 pounds away from my goal weight.) And I drank A LOT of beer while in Europe. I also did A LOT of walking.
I was determined starting Monday to get back on plan with food and exercise. Monday I went to yoga. And Monday through Wednesday I was pretty on track with food. But the exercise has been lacking. I have been exhausted and don’t think I can handle spin, etc. And today I attacked the candy bowl on my desk.
I am hoping things go better next week. But then next weekend my mom is in town … and there will be some homemade Mexican food going on.
Challenges will always come along. How I take them on is my choice.