A healthy body needs sleep, exercise, good food

This getting back on track thing is harder than I thought.
In the food area so far so good. Though I am not tracking my food and I should be. But whatever. (And I should be using the new app I bought, Tap & Track, at 2:30 in the morning on Monday when I couldn’t sleep.)
I did go to yoga Monday morning. I planned to go to spin last night after work. But at about 3:30 I hit the mat and was seriously ready to go home–though I stayed for almost two more hours.
I was going to go to yoga this morning. But when I was awake before 5 a.m. I thought I better try to go back to sleep. Don’t think that happened. But at least my body was resting–or so I tell myself.
Getting enough and good sleep is a big part of being healthy. I normally don’t sleep very well, even when I am not jetlagged. I find it rather frustrating … especially when my husband is snoring away. Man, if I could sleep the way he does …
I do best with routine and I am having trouble getting back into my regular routine. The funny thing is usually when we travel to Europe I have a hard time adjusting when we get there. I did much better this time. And when we return it only takes me a day or two to get into my routine at home. But this time it is taking longer.