Yoga to end the workweek

I was crazy busy at the end of my workday but I made sure I was outta there at 5:10 so I could make my 5:30 yoga class, which I hadn’t attended in something like 6 weeks.
It was a good class. Tough, but good. The air doesn’t seem to be working in the classroom. So it was pretty sweaty. I still can’t imagine Bikram yoga. Jen, you are a superstar!
I know I have mentioned how work is busy and keeping me very occupied. But the end of the year is coming and there are so many things on my plate and new unanticipated projects popping up. Not quite sure how it is all gonna get done. But I am trying to make me a priority. And that is tough. I am adjusting my work arrival and leaving times on certain days to make sure I still make it to my classes and still work like a million hours a week.
So the exercise I seem to have taken control over. The food is another story. When I am stressed I tend to stuff my face with crap! When I am working long hours I don’t tend to take lunch breaks and eat whatever food is from a meeting or the fridge–which is usually not healthy friendly. And then I get home and am exhausted and heat up the leftover flautas and rice my mom made while in town last weekend …
Yea, one thing at a time. But seriously the food is out of control and I need to do something about it.