Staying on track with eating, exercise creates weight loss

Yea, I know I have sucked … at keeping Go Fit Girl! updated.
But I have been awesome in my eating habits, exercise and weight loss.
I have been pretty diligent in tracking my food and keeping it rather reasonable. I am just 2.4 pounds away from my goal weight. That is the closest I have been in sometime now. Though Curt and I are going out of town this weekend–visiting the in-laws. So there will be some good home cooking. (But I have plans on how to get myself pretty much immediately back on track next week.)
Last week I did my regular 6 days of exercise. Three days of yoga, three days of spin with Saturday spin followed by abs/core and then body conditioning.
Life has been rather busy, which makes it more difficult to keep up with Go Fit Girl! But I promise to do better.
I hope my dedication will encourage more comments. And, of course, if anyone wants to guest post (Guest Post Tuesdays have been sparse) I am more than happy to take it. Just let me know. I need go fit girls and boys and I will take couples, too.