Oh, so close to goal weight

I normally weigh in on Mondays, which I did last Monday and was, I believe, 2.4 pounds from my goal weight–on track with losing weight.
I decided to weigh in on Thursday–right before heading to Missouri to visit the in-laws (eating home cooked food and, of course, Midwestern food). Really, I was curious how much I would gain over this weekend.
When I weighed in Thursday I was just .2 away from my goal weight. I couldn’t believe it. I seriously have no idea how I lost almost2 pounds in four days.
Anyway, so we’ll see what the scale says when I weigh in on Tuesday.
Oh, I did get some exercise in yesterday. Marilyn, my mother-in-law, and I went for a walk with Katie, little doggie. It was a nice walk–about 45 minutes.