Spin … sweat … aggressions …

Even though I have been taking spin for almost two years it is still the hardest class ever. But man, what a workout it is. Afterward I always feel great and a lot of times exhausted.
Today was a tough day at work. Nothing bad happened. Just busy and some crazy fires (but really, what is new?). I was pretty spent when I left the office and I was looking forward to taking my aggressions out on the spin bike.
I get to class … and the guy that I have had fan issues with was there … in the the prime seat (as in the path of cool air from the fans).
I tell myself not to get all bent out of shape over this. So I decide to approach him and say, I know you don’t like the fan on you so can I turn on the big fan and it won’t bother you?
His response, I don’t like the fan on me. I said, I know, so can we compromise? Him: I don’t know how we can compromise.
I said, fine I will just move the big fan closer to me (mind you, this thing is huge and I really don’t know how I am going to actually move it).
He then tells me that not as many people as I think want fan on them. And I should just move the smaller fan. Uh, most people I have talked to do want the fan and those who don’t just don’t sit near the fan. Seems simple enough.
Then he makes some sort of comment about how he was there first. HOH BOY! Seriously, dude? First off, how old are you?You are sitting in the prime seat to be hit by a fan. You don’t think others want fan on them? I mean, there is a freakin’ tornado fan in the room.
My response was, well, last time I was here first you moved the fan.
The I left it at that and moved the smaller fan closer to me and another spinner.
And I raced the hell out of that class.
After class and chatted with a fellow spinner. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being a B and being unreasonable. He didn’t think so. He told me he thought I handled the situation pretty well.
I don’t want to battle it out every time this dude thinks he rules the spin room. I try to be considerate of others. But seriously, I can’t spin without air. I feel like I am gonna die.