Washing your hands regularly keeps you healthy

Since I have had this awful cold (Yup, still have it) … I have been much more aware about how I cough (into the crook of my elbow), how often I wash my hands and even how often I use hand sanitizer at my work desk.
Before getting sick I was a frequent hand washer. I wash my hands after I go to the bathroom (you would be surprised how many people don’t); I wash my hands before I prepare a meal, even if it is just frozen dinner for lunch at work; I wash my hands before I put in and take out my contacts; I was my hands when I arrive to work and get ready for my morning coffee and breakfast (your steering wheel is pretty nasty; oh, and yes, I eat breakfast at work). (Those, of course, aren’t the only times I wash my hands.)
I feel like I wash my hands even more now. And that hand sanitizer pump is getting a lot of action these days sitting on my desk at work.
I also try to Lysol wipe my desk fairly often. And when I do, I clean the iPhone, too. At home I Lysol (or Clorox) wipe the light switches, door knobs and remotes as often as I remember. I also clean my spin bike before and after I use it–well, when I was going to the gym … (I hope to be back soon, once I kick this cold.)
I think my diligence likely kept me from getting sick during the first few rounds of this cold. But I got it in the end. And it is nasty. I started feeling cruddy a week and a half ago. Today I am still congested and have this awful, dry cough. I had a huge coughing fit on the way home. I took a shower and the steam seems to have calmed it down.