3 pounds in 3 weeks

(Written Sunday night about 9:30 London time)
So about a month ago I started back on plan with tracking points. I was well on my way to hitting goal weight and maybe with a few pounds to spare by the time we came to Europe.
Then I got sick … I was hit with a pretty bad cold. When I am sick I don’t exercise (must not jeopardize the immune system that is fighting off a cold). And I also pretty much eat anything I want. And I was not missing out on the appetite.
But considering that I ate anything I wanted and didn’t exercise for a whole three weeks the 3-pound gain wasn’t that surprising.
I was hoping to be at goal weight or a little less so that I could eat and drink whatever I wanted while in Europe … which I am gonna do regardless, but maybe with a little guilt. Or maybe not.
We are in London now. And I have been enjoying wine and beer, dessert and big meals.
But there has already been a decent amount of walking. So the weight gain shouldn’t be too bad. (Last time I was in Europe I gained two pounds–and I did eat whatever I wanted and walked a lot.)