Carb-loaded lunch

I am almost embarrassed to admit what I had for lunch today. For some reason there has been a lot of extra food around work lately. And I can’t seem to not eat it. So for lunch I had mac & cheese (wow! it was delish!); mashed potatoes; white rice; and salad doused with dressing.
I feel like in the food department I am still in vacation mode. I am just eating whatever I pretty much want. I feel like it is getting out of control. But this coming week there are two lunch meetings. We are going out to eat at least twice this week.
So I feel like I can start with a clean slate next week.
I wasn’t able to go to the gym yesterday. A call went over and I missed my noon spin class. I thought about going to the evening class. But I had a lot of stuff to get done at home in the evening.
I did go to spin tonight. And it was a good class. It was tough. Great workout.
With many things going on this week at work and personally I am not going to be able to make it to the gym as often as I would like. But it is slowly working its way back to normal. I will get there.