Ending the work week with yoga

I really love ending my work week with an evening yoga class. It has been at least two months (maybe much longer) since I have attended the Friday evening class.
It was a good and tough class. Just the way I like my yoga–amazingly relaxing, mind clearing and a challenge. Suraya is a great instructor when it comes to yoga.
Today I found out she is pregnant (congrats to her) and will only be teaching two more classes at the gym before she goes on leave. She may come back after the baby is born. I am happy for her. But that is a real bummer that she will be leaving and a great loss for the gym. The teacher (Ken) who is taking over is pretty awesome.
Since the morning yoga classes were canceled I have been at a loss when it comes to yoga. I am getting a lot of cardio in with spin and now Zumba, which is great. But I like to have a balance. Though with cardio I have more flexibility when it comes to calorie intake.