Zumba with Capezios

A friend (who attends spin and Zumba with me) at the gym gave me her Capezio dance shoes to use for Zumba. They ended up being too small for her. I thought they might be too big for me. But they seemed to fit and are quite comfy when I tried them on at home. I wore them today for class.
I was able to move more easily on the hardwood floors with the dance shoes than with regular tennis shoes.
The photo isn’t so great. But it was taken at night with my iPhone. But you get the idea. And if you really want to see the shoes you can click on the link above.
I am still enjoying the Zumba class. I am even thinking of taking the Tuesday noon class. We’ll see if I can fit that into my schedule.
Today was my fourth Zumba class. I am getting better at the moves–but it is still slow. I get lost easily. But I definitely feel more confident. And really if I am out of sync I am just jumping around, having a great time and definitely sweating big time.
I still love Zumba and think it is an amazing workout … even if I still look and feel like a dork–even if Heidi tells me I am doing a great job.