30 days in the month, 24 days at the gym

June was a good month at the gym. Out of 30 days in June I worked out 24 of them. I usually take Sundays off as my rest day. I missed two regular work out days. One was because a friend was in town and I left work early to spend a girls’ day together. The other day was because I wasn’t feeling well. I wasn’t sick. I just felt off and thought it was best to not go hardcore with a spin class.
The working out has been pretty good. The eating varies. Sometimes I am totally awesome and other times I am eating all kinds of crap. I know I could do better in the food department. I can be weak when it comes to willpower and man I really like food and booze. I like fruits and veggies and chicken breast and fish and all that good stuff. But I like junk, too.
I did pick up some blueberries today from the Emeryville Farmers Market. It’s new and small–but exciting that we have one. And the blueberries are local, organic and yummy. I did, of course, have Mexican for lunch. It was so much food. It was good, but there was no way I could have eaten all of it. And they had horchata. And I just can’t pass up on horchata.