Does my butt look fat?

I am a stress eater. I like food. I like junk food.
I have been going to the gym about four times a week lately (my goal is always six). Last week I went to the gym once, not so great. So exercise time is decent.
What is not decent is what I am eating. I seem to find more and more excuses for what I put in my mouth. I have a candy bowl at my desk. I used to never take anything out of it. I have it for others. But lately I feel the need to eat all the mini peanut butter cups.
I will have already eaten my lunch at work and then word gets out that some meeting just ended and there is free food left over. I have to at least go look, right?
I am heading to Tucson tomorrow to visit my mom and family. Chorizo and menudo are already planned for Saturday’s breakfast. Oh man, I love that stuff. This will not be a healthy eating weekend. And I have to hit eegee’s (a sandwich shop only in Tucson, which also has these amazing slushie drinks) at least once for my strawberry eegee drink.
I am kinda scared to get on the scale. So I just haven’t. I hope after this weekend I can gain control over the food situation a little better.