Vegas, baby!

For me Vegas means a lot of drinking and a lot of eating with just a little gambling (mostly penny slots as I don’t like to lose my money).
Curt and I head to Vegas on Thursday night. Our friends Jen and Dave will join us Friday morning.
Jen and I were talking about trying to get a few workouts in while on our  fun-filled long weekend of eating, drinking, gambling, NCAA tourney watching, Mystere watching, pool lounging good time.
So Jen decided to do a little research. She went to Google and typed in “best place to exercise in vegas.” The first hit she got was How to Avoid Exercise in Vegas. I decided to search for the same thing she did and I came upon the same first hit. The thing is, do we really need information on how to avoid exercise in Vegas? I am sure we are already clearly aware how to avoid exercise in Vegas or anywhere on vacation or really anytime in life.
The hotel that the four of us are staying at has a gym. But it is expensive. So we may have to come up with our own workout plan. Curt suggested Jen and I take our boombox and do some Zumba in the lobby.
I just remembered I bought a DVD called Great Body Guaranteed when I tried the workout on Comcast Exercise TV. I just went to the site and found FREE workout videos online. I will take my DVD and maybe Jen and I can do a free online workout.