Working toward Upward Bow Pose

The past 11 days I worked out 11 times. I am pretty amazed by that.
I wasn’t able to work out today. Had some work stuff going on and then a memorial service to attend.
But at my yoga class yesterday I was able to do a pose I have never had the guts to do until yesterday.
You start out in downward dog. Then you create the twist and third you flip the leg, which until yesterday I was too afraid to do. I haven’t gotten to the full pose of Upward Bow Pose.  See the steps here.
The amazing thing about yoga is you always have room for improvement in a pose. You can get deeper from breath and practice. You would think a basic Downward Facing Dog would be easy to “master.” But after almost four years of practicing yoga regularly I am still learning about my own body and of my practice.
The best thing about yoga is the non-competitive nature of the practice.