Go Fit Girl! calling readers for help … please

Weeks ago I was using the bathroom before leaving the gym. I looked down and saw two feet super close to the stall. It freaked me out for a second ... until I realized they were my spin shoes. I thought I would reenact it today.

Last Saturday in spin class we were doing endurance for a full song, which is the norm. The idea is to have a good amount of resistance on and keep the beat while sitting in the saddle. Jenn always tells us we should feel desperate to get out of the saddle. Thighs should be burning and mine usually are.
During the endurance ride Jenn will come around and check and make sure you are on the beat and make sure your resistance isn’t too heavy or too light. When she checked me she told me I was good or perfect or something to that effect. And then she said, you can write about it. That made me laugh. So I am writing about it …
OK, I need to ask my dear readers for some help.
First, one of my readers, Windy, asked me a question. I am calling all moms to help me answer Windy’s question and a few of mine. Moms, how do you do it all?
Also, Penny had asked me a question about toner shoes: Get tight, fit butt with toner shoes. I want to review a pair of toner shoes so I can answer Penny’s questions. But they are a little spendy so I was hoping my readers could help me buy the shoes. For every dollar you donate to my shoe fund you get a vote for the shoe I will buy and review. If I can get 25 readers donate a dollar each I should be able to buy a pair of shoes. What do you think?