Working through sore butt, thighs

At the work gym with the free weights.

I had a different plan for today’s post. No worries, that will come later. But I have decided to write about something else. OK, time to get excited …
In Saturday’s body conditioning class Jenn set up stations, kinda like curves. You do biceps for 30 seconds to a minute or two. And then you switch to lunges with weights. And then tricep kick-backs. You get the idea. As my friend Loesje put it, once you realize how much you aren’t enjoying what you are doing you switch to something else.
One of the stations was a step board with probably about 6-8 raisers. We were instructed to keep the left leg on the board and just step up with the right. The next station had the same set up. There we were instructed to keep the right leg on the board and step up with the left.
From those steppers my butt was sore yesterday. Today my butt, thighs and hamstrings were sore. I felt like an old lady walking around.
I was careful with what spin routine I picked on the epsinner today. (I attended Vinyasa Yoga yesterday.) I went with strength, which is climbing. Somehow I lucked out and most of the routine was out of the saddle. So I was still working my thighs and butt, but not too extreme or intense. I did almost 40 minutes of cardio today. After that I did weights and abs for about 20 minutes. It was a good workout and gave me some variety.