Changing up routine a bit

My dinner tonight: spicy black bean burger and a side salad.

The commute on the shuttle bus from South San Francisco took more than an hour. Traffic was bad, likely because of the Giants baseball game.
I didn’t get home until about 5:50, just 10 minutes before my regular Wednesday night yoga class. When we were sitting in traffic I made up my mind that I would try the later class at 7:30. I have been wanting to try it–so this seems like a good reason to do so.
The class goes until 9, which is when I usually start winding down for bed. So I have already done my routine stuff: clothes ready for tomorrow; exercise clothes ready for tomorrow; light dinner (spicy black bean Morningstar burger, which was really tasty, and side salad with Salad Spritzer).
Hopefully I won’t get too comfy before I have to leave for the yoga studio. I have about a half an hour before I start my walk over.