Compliment from yoga teacher made my day

Ann in high lunge, one of the many poses we did today.

Before yoga class today Ashley asked if anyone had anything going on with their bodies they needed to discuss with her. This is the norm. I told her my legs and glutes were sore from body conditioning the day before where Jennifer had us do step ups. So I might not be able to hold some of the poses as long. Ashley said to me that she looks up to me as a workout … (I think she said) Goddess. Whatever exactly she said was a compliment of my hard work and many kinds of exercise I do regularly. And coming from her I was completely flattered and actually thrown off guard a little.
And the poses weren’t as hard to hold as I thought they would be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like it was a piece of cake or anything.
I had an idea of what to write about on Friday. Then I got busy and worked late. Then went to the bar and had a few drinks. And I pretty much didn’t remember what I wanted to write about what had happened at yoga that morning. I usually work from home on Fridays. I try to either take the 10 a.m. Vinyasa Flow class or the 5 p.m. Forrest Yoga class.¬†Friday I went to the Vinyasa class and we had a sub. Domonick has subbed a couple of classes lately. I am really enjoying his style. Unfortunately his regular classes are Monday/Wednesday at 4:30, which I can never make. Bummer.
Yesterday was the regular two hours at the gym: spin, which seemed tougher than normal. Then abs and body conditioning. I was so tired I was gonna skip body conditioning. But Jennifer did circuit training. So I decided to stick around. I am feeling it today. And as the day goes on I am getting sorer and sorer. (Probably the dancing at the paella party last night isn’t helping either.)