Don't forget to stretch

Stretching after my 30 minutes of cardio. Look closely, you can see me in the mirror. I am doing a Downward Dog.

Wow, I was feeling yesterday’s gym class today. My butt, legs and arm sockets? (I guess it’s part of the pectoral muscles) were sore today.
It was a pretty busy day in the office today. I had to keep myself on track and get a lot done with the goal of taking the 4:15 shuttle home and hopefully making it to the gym as well.
Mission accomplished: I got what I had to get done today; I made the 4:15 shuttle; and I got some gym time in. I didn’t get to workout as long as I wanted. But seriously, what did I expect?
I did 30 minutes of cardio: hills on the spin bike on Level 5. I usually do Level 7. But My butt and legs were really feeling it. So I didn’t want to over do it.
After my cardio I did about 15 minutes of stretching. I hardly ever take that much time to stretch. I think most people probably don’t stretch as long as they should, including stretching before and after a workout.
Just In Time Wellness talks about why stretching is so important. This article is very detailed on stretching and flexibility–How to Stretch. The stretching chart here gives a pretty good stretching routine for full body stretching.