Dealing with time change

Don't forget to "fall back" tomorrow.

Tomorrow very early (2 a.m.) we fall back. I hate falling back or springing forward. The time change completely wreaks havoc on my body–physically and mentally.
You would think one hour wouldn’t be a big deal. But for some reason it is. (Being from Arizona I never dealt with time change until I first moved to Oregon at 23.)
During the week I wake up to an alarm, which goes off at 5 a.m. so sleeping in for me is about 6:30. Sundays tend to be my lazy day, so let’s hope I can stay asleep a little longer than normal, especially tomorrow.
I have found that the best way to deal with the time change is to make sure I exercise. When we sprang forward in March that Monday was a rough day for me. I made sure to make it to my regular noon spin class even though I was tired and really didn’t want to go. I felt like a different and new person as I walked out after class and a shower.
No matter how tired or wacked out you are tomorrow try to do something active: take a walk, take a yoga class (that’s what I will be doing); go play with your friends; take a hike (though I think here in the Bay Area we will be welcoming some rain …). And continue with the physical activity through the week as well.
Exercise helps me with time change and jetlag and really anything that take a toll on me physically and/or mentally.