Getting back to the basics

I love my steel oats and blueberries. Frozen blueberries are great as they are cheaper, last longer and are in season all year long.

I am desperately trying to get back to a healthier food routine.
The first issue was that I hadn’t been to the grocery in sometime. I went on Saturday.
I also hadn’t been regularly buying some of the basics. I made sure to include those on the list.
I hadn’t taken the time to prepare some of the items that take a little longer and can be made in “bulk,” such as my steel oats for breakfast or brown rice for dinners and some lunches. Yesterday I made sure to make a batch of both rice and oats for the week.
I had my steel oats and blueberries for breakfast. For dinner I am having steamed broccoli and brown rice.
I was super busy at work today and in no mood for the gym. And I just felt off most of the day with the time change. Though I did sleep well. But I did cheat. I took half a sleeping pill to make sure I went to sleep at a decent hour and slept through the night. The fact that I was up yesterday at 5 a.m., attended a rigorous yoga class, didn’t take a nap during the day, took a calming Restorative class in the evening and started winding down near my regular bedtime also probably helped.
OK, back to the gym. I did go. I knew there was no way I could finish everything tonight and answer all those e-mails. I mean, I would still be at work now … So I hit the gym about 4:30 (later than I usually like to go) and did 45 minutes of endurance training on the spin bike.