Comforting … food, booze & mani/pedi

Doughnuts, wine and cheesy bites. Can't get much more comforting than this.Every day gets a little easier with my Joey gone.
When I am sad or depressed or even stressed I turn to food and alcohol. It’s not the healthiest option. But there are much unhealthier choices.
I took yesterday off from work. I just took it easy. I lounged around and watched movies. Eventually I went to the grocery and picked up some treats for myself.
In the early afternoon I headed to Galaxy Nails for a mani/pedi. They give the best legs and arm/shoulder massages. I was in heaven. (I used to get mani/pedis pretty regularly. But in an attempt to save money I have been holding off.)
After that I grabbed a slice of pizza and a side salad and walked back home. I came home and found a movie called In America on, which I had seen a preview and wanted to watch.
Eventually I got going on the dishes and cleaning up the house a bit as I hadn’t gotten much done over the weekend.
I had my cheesy bites and wine for dinner. The doughnuts I had for breakfast and later the rest for a snack.
I skipped the gym and yoga on Sunday and Monday. But today I went back. Forty-five minutes of endurance on the espinner and some abs and I definitely felt better.
In case you are interested you can read Joey’s last blog post, with some help from Curt, and my tribute to Joey.