Eeek! Am I getting sick?

I hope that's not me. JA6hFiPunOM/s320/sick_resize.gif

Between being sad and in mourning over Joey, busy personally, busy as the year ends at work I am tired, stressed, drained, etc.
I was at Target today shopping for my company’s annual toy drive. At some point I started to notice a slight sore throat. On the drive back to work I realized I was super tired.
Oh no! Am I getting sick? It is very likely with everything I have going on right now.
I was going to attend my regular Wednesday night yoga class. But I thought it was best to skip and rest.
Next week at work I am taking an all day leadership training and have materials to read ahead of time. So I am trying to get through that stuff tonight as I should have already had this stuff done.
For myself I believe if you think you are getting sick or you are sick to take it easy, try not to over do it and definitely don’t exercise.
December is already a challenge for me in terms of lots to do, being busy, not exercising as much as I want and eating way too much crap. Now I can top on possibly getting sick. Ugh! Oh joy!
Well, all I can do is rest, try to eat a little healthy and keep my fingers crossed …