Be kind to your knees

Forward bend with slightly bent knees. forward_bend_1.jpg

I took Baxter’s Monday night Hatha class. Normally I take Baxter’s Wednesday night class. But I have a work team dinner this Wednesday. And I missed last Wednesday’s class.
Tonight we focused on knees, placement of feet, ankles, hamstrings and calves.
Baxter reminded us to be careful if we are prone to hyperextend–too much opening at the back of the knee. I hyperextend my knees and elbows.
It was interesting doing the full forward bend and then rising up with our knees slightly bent. It was definitely a challenge. But it was good practice, especially for me since I hyperextend so easily.
Baxter also had us do some work against the wall. I really enjoy working against the wall. I feel I can get into a pose much more deeply without feeling afraid.
Such as Downward Dog up the wall. We had the option to do one leg at a time or both up at the same time. I choose to do both. This was the closet I have gotten to a headstand or handstand. I have always been afraid to attempt either. I don’t feel like my arm or core strength are strong enough. Tonight I felt strong yet very challenged.
Once we had our legs up the wall Baxter had us push our heels up to stretch those muscles.
I will remember to be kind to my knees and other parts. One of the many great things about yoga is there is no belief in no pain, no gain. You are encouraged to find your edge … today. It is different every day.