Working out with friend

Jenn and I did something similar, though with a much higher bench.

My friend Jenn e-mailed the gym girls yesterday to see if we wanted to workout tonight.
It just ended up being Jenn and me. We had fun and a good workout.
We did about 45 minutes. We talked about doing cardio. But there was a spin class going on.
We decided to start with some step ups on the step board. Those things ended up being plenty of cardio. After two sets or did we do three? I was sweaty and huffing and puffing.
We did arms, squats, lunges, abs and the ever so lovely glutes, which were hip extensions and the dirty dog!
Cardio is always a big part of my regular exercise routine and something I want to keep a major focus on. But I have also been making it a goal and effort to get weights in twice a week and more abs as well.
I think this will become a regular occurrence. It’s always easier for me to take a class or exercise with a friend or friends.
Though I remember in college my friend Katherine and I would meet to head to the gym together on campus. We hardly ever made it as we walked passed a bar to get there and there was usually some sort of happy hour special.