Keeping warm with my cold

Apple cider that is as easy to make as tea. One serving is only 80 calories and 100% Vitamin C.

My staycation has not been entirely ruined by this cold.
I still had dinner and dessert with Curt and friends on Monday night; made it to my massage appointment on Tuesday; had lunch (oysters and beer) with Curt in Tomales Bay on Wednesday; and had lunch with friends today. (And Curt and I have late lunch/early dinner plans with friends tomorrow.)
But I had all these ideas for getting stuff done around the house. You know those drawers that get out of control or the closet that you can hardly close the doors to or the shredding that has been piling up? Oh, and all the clean up I was planning to do on my personal laptop … Yea, none of that stuff has happened.
And I had an exercise plan for the week, which had to be put on hold. I don’t like to exercise when I am sick. I feel that my energy needs to be used to heel and get better. Plus, do you really want someone hacking or snorting away while in yoga or on the spin bike? Yea, me neither.
I have either been lounging or napping. This cold isn’t too bad. But until today I felt like I wasn’t getting worse, but not better either. I woke up today without a headache. First time since I got sick. That’s a good sign.
I ran a couple of late morning errands and then met friends for lunch. After lunch I asked the gang if they wanted to head to a coffee shop.
I haven’t had coffee all week and have been drinking so much tea. I am starting to get sick of it. The coffee shop had hot apple cider. It was so yummy and warm. When I got home I remembered I have some in the pantry. So I pulled it out and was happy to see that it is only 80 calories and 100% Vitamin C. Nice little treat when one needs a break from tea.