The common cold … sucks

Luckily I don't quite look or feel this bad.

This week off from work (my staycation) the plans were to relax, get some stuff done around the house, have a few meals with friends.
There has already been a lot of relaxing. What I didn’t plan for was to get a cold. The cold has thrown some of my plans for a loop.
I am bummed that I got sick over my week off. But then it is kinda a blessing as I hope to be well and rested by the time I have to go back to work on Monday.
Every day this week I had plans for some sort of exercise. So far I missed spin yesterday and yoga today.
The last time I was sickĀ I wrote about whether it was best to exercise or not when sick. I don’t exercise when I am sick. I feel that my body needs time to recover and heel and my energy should be spent on getting healthy.
This appears to be a mild cold so I am really hoping I can go to yoga tomorrow night. Curt and I are taking a day trip tomorrow. So we’ll see how I feel when we get back. Sitting or sleeping in the car should be restful. I don’t plan to use a ton of energy riding in the car or while eating those delicious oysters.