Happy New Year … from the couch … still with a cold

Last year Joey and I sent Happy New Year wishes from the couch while watching movies. If I make it to midnight that will be the same this year ... without my furry sidekick.

My staycation has consisted of me nursing a cold all week. Last night the cold started to move into my chest and develop into a cough. The cough seems the worst in the morning and at night.
So I missed spin and abs and body conditioning today.
And I fear I am going to miss the New Year’s Day detox workshop at the yoga studio tomorrow.
I was bummed about missing out on exercise this whole week. But the likelyhood of me missing out tomorrow really bums me out.
Maybe I will make a miraculous recovery in the next 18 hours or so?
Curt and I are heading to Sushiya for dinner tonight and then home for movies and relaxing.
Happy New Year to you all. If you are going out tonight be careful and be safe. And if you do drink and drink too much, please be safe and don’t drive.