Entering the no candy zone

My candy bowl on my desk at work is overflowing with some pretty delicious chocolates.

It has been about 72 hours since I have had a piece of candy. If I had to choose between something sweet or something salty I would go for the salt.
But there are times I just can’t stop eating chocolate, especially if that chocolate has some peanut butter mixed in.
One of my friends/co-workers gave up candy for Lent.  I have a candy bowl on my desk. Last weekend I bought new candy for the bowl as the pickins were slim. I brought the candy in on Wednesday. Another co-worker brought in a HUGE bag of Easter candy for the bowl–almost 4 pounds worth of chocolately goodness.
I had about four pieces of chocolate on Wednesday. On Wednesday evening I was thinking and decided to join my friend in the not eating candy challenge. I am a non-practicing Catholic. I don’t observe Lent.
But I decided to take on the challenge of no candy for 39 days (since I started a day late).
This way we both have support in our challenge. I think we can do it. The challenge isn’t as difficult for me at home as it is as work. My work candy bowl is overflowing (at the moment) with delicious chocolates.

Colombian candies at home.

We don’t really have much candy at home. But we do have some Colombian candies our friends Esteban and Loesje gave us. I probably have one or two a week. They are so yummy. So I will have to get out of the habit of eating the candies at home.
But really, work will be the challenge. I eat (and especially chocolate) when I am bored, stressed, tired, hungry, not hungry, happy, upset, angry, sad … You see the problem?