Did I really burn 900+ calories?

I rode about 60 minutes today and burned a lot of calories.

Probably not.
As I researched and wrote in the past, exercise machines really aren’t accurate with how many calories one burns.
I think it gives you a good idea of how hard you are working. I know when I do endurance training on the espinner, which is moderate resistance and moderate speed, I burn fewer calories as the exercise is not as intense.
Today I rode hard and fast with the Race Day workout. Today on the espinner I rode harder and faster than I ever have. And the results definitely show my hard and intense work.
And regardless if I actually burned 900+ calories or not. This is still a new record for me.
And I can definitely feel my workout as I write this. It is only 8 p.m. and I feel like I could hit the sack right now and fall asleep immediately.
I know I will sleep well tonight. I am looking forward to an awesome night of sleep.
Short post tonight so I can finish getting ready for Tuesday and head to bed. Good night.