Changing it up

Working out in the dark (I am not close enough to the sensor) while burning thighs and glutes on the espinner.

Today at work I hosted (along with some of my Intellectual Property Law Department colleagues) something called a Witnessing Party. Researchers are invited to come together and make sure their laboratory notebooks are are all signed off and witnessed by another researcher. After that process is complete we can send notebooks offsite to a vendor to PDF so they are backed up.
There is a lot involved in planning the “party” and the things my team has to do during and after the party.
Since I had a lot to do with all of this I knew I wouldn’t have time to exercise before the 5:35 shuttle back to the East Bay.
So I decided to change it up and I worked out this morning at the gym at work. I did 45 minutes of endurance on the spin bike.
I could have skipped exercise today. Thursdays lately have seemed to be my off day from any sort of exercise. But at the Witnessing Party we have pizza and cupcakes to entice researchers. I am also enticed by the junk food.
To offset that high calorie food I would be eating I made sure to burn some on the spin bike. I am already considered the bag lady on the bus. And today my gym bag was overflowing with my work clothes, towel, etc.
For lunch today I made sure to have a high protein and low calorie lunch. I had salad with soy beans, grilled chicken, spinach, lettuce, a little cheese and oil and balsamic vinegar.
So it was a decent day on the healthy scale. I mean, it could have been better … but it also could have been a lot worse.