Are you being good?

Sushi is delicious, healthy and filling.

Are you eating healthy? Are you on Plan (aka Weight Watchers Plan)?
For anyone who has tried to lose weight or tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle that can be a question you hear from your friends especially as you are trying to decide where to eat lunch.
I had a lunch date today. I have one on Thursday. And Curt and I are planning on having dinner on Thursday night.
So today when Melissa and I were trying to decide where to have lunch my only request was no Mexican and something with a healthy option. (I love Mexican food, but there are really no healthy options.)
Before we went to Vegas a couple of weeks ago my goal was to get back to my goal weight before hitting The Strip and that pool. I didn’t quite make it. And I ate and drank whatever I wanted while in Las Vegas. There was a birthday dinner last week and then guests in town.
So yesterday I decided it was time to get back to the healthy eating again. And I can’t use eating out as a reason or excuse to not make healthy choices.
I am all for splurging on a meal once or twice a week. But the healthy snacks and meals need to be much more frequent from now on.