Rockin' customer service

Camelbak guarantees their products 100%. I love their product(s) and customer service.

I have been using Camelbak water bottles for a little more than two years. The first one I owned just had a lid. It was a little difficult to drink out of because of the wide mouth. But nonetheless I liked the bottle and how easy it was to take to the gym, when traveling, in my purse, etc. I accidentally left that water bottle at a restaurant in Honolulu. (That water bottle made it to Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Munich and Stuttgart.)
Soon after losing that one I got a second one. This time with a straw and bite valve. I loved it even better than the first one. That one I left at a bar in Last Vegas.
The third one has lasted much longer. I have had it about a year. Recently the bite valve/straw broke. I went to the Camelbak website and found their warranty is 100% guarantee. So I sent an e-mail. A couple of weeks later I got a reply back that they would replace it. And I received it yesterday. Talk about great customer service to a really awesome product.
This week I have been pretty tired. Work hasn’t been particularly tough, just quite busy and a lot of meetings. I had five meetings today.
I have made it a point to get my exercise in this week. Monday I hit the work gym and rode the spin bike; Tuesday yoga class with Vickie, which had a Restorative twist to it; and today yoga with Baxter also with a Restorative twist. I arrived at class today so tired. But Baxter’s class made me feel so much better. Wow, absolutely amazing. It was so what I needed. There was a lot of bolster work. But somehow when I walked home I could really feel the work in my legs.
I love good products and good customer service and good yoga classes and work outs.