Working sore butt muscles, cramps

HIgh lunge is a great pose for work to the thigh and butt.

Yesterday in body conditioning we did a lot of squat and lunge work. I hate doing that stuff. But it is also the work I need most. We did walking lunges and squats with kickback.
I don’t know if it was the combo of the two or the evil squats with kickback but my booty was feeling slightly sore last night. Oh man, today, ouchie!
I went to yoga this morning and luckily we did some great stretches for the butt (and other body parts as well). We did a lot of high lunge work (picture to the left).
We also did a great high lunge twist–which actually felt great for the sore butt muscles.
Right before class today I was experiencing some intense cramps. I asked Ashley if there were any poses I should avoid. She told me most poses were OK and the more I moved the best it would be for my cramps. She told me if any inversions made me feel dizzy to come down.
I made sure to definitely move today but to also listen to my body and rest when needed. I practiced Child’s pose more than I normally do in a class. But felt good for my abdomen and for my sore butt muscles as well.
I looked up some good poses to help relieve menstrual cramps. I found a variety of recommended poses, such as Child’s pose, wide squat, Camel pose, Hero pose and Pigeon pose.