Ms. Crabby Pants comes out …

This magnet hangs discreetly in my cube.

Work has been busy, exhausting, overwhelming, frustrating, etc. lately.
Sometimes I deal with stress well and other times I don’t.
I have been really trying to and focusing on practicing yoga “off the mat” while at work the past few weeks.
Sometimes I am successful and other times not so much.
I wrote about practicing yoga off the mat a couple of weeks ago as well.

I took a picture of this magnet hanging in a store in my neighborhood. I think it is hilarious.

I have been focusing on my breathing and to not instantly react or say something but to take a breath or two or choose my words wisely or choose not to say anything at all. Sometimes I am successful and sometimes I am not.
And when I am not successful Ms. Crabby Pants comes out …
But I am working on it and thinking about it almost constantly.
I wonder if the excess caffeine is a good idea or a bad idea? Hmmm.
I have to say that I know my spinning and yoga practice are helping to keep it somewhat at bay. I am able to work out some of my frustrations as well as work on my breathing and practicing calmness.