Cleaning my yoga mat

I used a mixture of witch hazel, tea tree oil and water to clean my Jade Yoga mat.

Last year I wrote about cleaning my yoga mat. I had a fairly inexpensive yoga mat and took a chance by throwing it into the washer. It dried rather quickly and seemed like a successful cleaning of the mat.
I now have a Jade Yoga mat, which is rather expensive. And the material is different.
According to the Jade Yoga website you can throw the mat into a front load washer (which we don’t have) or wipe down or soak in the bathtub. It mentions that oils, solvents or harsh abrasives should not be used.
The Yoga Journal website also gives some tips on how to clean a yoga mat.
Last week while I was leaving Namaste I asked the woman working the front desk what she recommended to clean my mat. She told me the studio uses witch hazel and water, 25% and 75%. Spray the mat liberally, but don’t soak. Then rub down with wet hot towel. She said a little tea tree oil could also be added as it is an antibacterial.
I added very little oil to my mixture. I only cleaned one side of my mat in case the oil made it slippery. I have used my mat twice since I cleaned it and it isn’t any slippery than normal. When in Downward Dog my hands sometimes move slightly. There are towels and covers that can help with that. I call it a successful cleaning.
According to Wikipedia, tea tree oil has been scientifically investigated only recently. Some sources suggest beneficial medical properties when applied topically, including antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic qualities.
I have recently started using tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner, which helps with dry scalp. I recently for the first time massaged my scalp with straight tea tree oil. I read somewhere that it is good for you hair and scalp to spray a mixture of water and tea tree oil onto the hair and scalp.