Cleansing with twists, water intake

I drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. My body notices quite quickly if I haven't had enough water or if I am even slightly dehydrated.

Tonight in Vickie’s yoga class we focused on a lot of twisting. There are many benefits to the twisting yoga poses (as are with all yoga poses).
According to an article on the Yoga Journal website: When twisting, the organs are compressed during a twist, pushing out blood filled with metabolic by-products and toxins. When we release the twist, fresh blood flows in, carrying oxygen and the building blocks for tissue healing.
Peter Blumenauer, a yoga teacher, holistic chiropractor, and co-founder of Clear the Toxins, says in the article: Twists enhance digestion and boost the flushing ability of the liver and kidneys.
Vickie reminded us at the end of class tonight to make sure to drink plenty of water. I normally drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. (I am at 80 ounces right now.)
Water helps cleanse and detox. Water tastes good when I am thirty or when I am working out or when hot. It’s one of the best things one can ingest.
And yes, when you drink a lot of water you have to pee a lot. Eventually the body adjusts a little. But what has to be remembered is the water is cleansing the body. So frequent visits are just part of drinking lots of water.
This article on states: Water helps with the absorption and digesting of your food and it also carries oxygen and important, much needed nutrients to your cells.
So drink up, my friends.