I'm not interested in hurting myself

I took care of my back tonight and focused a good amount of time in Child’s pose.

Today during my Vinyasa yoga class I thought about what Vickie, one of my yoga teachers, says to the class when she puts us into a challenging pose … I’m not interested in you hurting yourself or I am not interested in you hurting your insert body part here.
I have kyphosis. One time in a yoga class the teacher told everyone that old people have kyphosis, which can be true. But I have it, too. I have a slight curvature of the upper spine, which can give me lower back pain. I have weak back muscles and a weak core. A strong core makes for strong back muscles. I continue to strive and work on both.
In class tonight we focused a lot of work on our lower backs. Eventually I really started to feel it in my back. So I took a step back and focused  on not hurting myself and taking care of me.
I gave my back and body and mind extra time in Child’s pose tonight. And Lily, the yoga teacher tonight, came over and helped me get deeper into the pose. She has an amazing touch and is training to be a massage therapist. So delicious!
Things as simple as cleaning the house or doing laundry can put a lot of strain on my lower back. I know when to take a break or step back.
Taking care of me has to be a priority in all aspects of my life.