Sweating with the yogis

I had to make sure to have a towel under my head today whenever doing Child’s pose as the sweat was literally dripping off of me and onto my mat.

I realize my blogging has been minimal lately. I am either too lazy to blog or too busy. One extreme or the other. No fear–I will get back into my flow, soon, I hope.
Because tomorrow is a holiday, today it was a half day at work. So I worked from home.
Because of my early day I was able to attend Sean‘s 4:30 Vinyasa class. I rarely get to take his class because I just can’t be there on time.
His class is always challenging, always sweaty and always pushes me. But at the same time he encourages his class to listen to their body and take a break when needed.
Sean’s class today was probably the sweatiest I have ever gotten in a yoga class. And I have taken many sweaty yoga classes.
I was sweating so much that it was getting in my eyes and up my nose. I told Sean I had trouble breathing because the sweat was going right up my nose. His response, I take that as a compliment.
He did mention to us at the end of class that he wished he could give us the 10-15 minute savasana we earned and deserved. But with Vickie’s class starting at 6 it just wasn’t doable.
Sean told us to take it easy tonight and maybe meditate a bit before bed. I will definitely take it easy tonight. Hopefully I will remember to meditate a little as well.
No matter how hard one pushes themselves it is important to remember to take care of oneself. Relaxation is important and not lazy. It’s important to maintain balance in life. So many of us feel guilty for not taking care of ourselves. As Vickie mentioned on Sunday, our inner mean girl comes out. And this mean girl is just mean to “me.” I am getting better at ignoring her. But that is still a challenge for me as well.