Foot cramps are cramping my style

Yes, high heels are bad for your feet and can cause cramps. But they look so pretty!

I get a lot of foot cramps. I have high arches and I blame the arches on my feet cramping up.
According to, People with high arches are more likely to get leg cramps while sleeping. they will also have pain in the calf, knee and hip.
Hmm, does that mean my arches cause foot cramps? I can’t seem to find anything that directly says this is so. Maybe I am just a person who gets a lot of foot cramps. But high arches seem to cause some other issues.
I do get a lot of Charley horses in the middle of the night. Man, those hurt. According to Wikipedia, a Charley horse is painful spasms or cramps in the leg muscles, typically lasting anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours.
If I get one while sleeping I force myself to get out of bed and stand up. It is gone instantly.
My feet were cramping a lot in body conditioning on Thursday night. We were doing a lot of squats and lunges, which was putting pressure on the feet, toes and arches.
According to this Livestrong article, endurance forms of exercise are more likely to produce foot cramps, which is definitely what was happening Thursday night.
The article also said this, if you do feel cramping in your feet as you work out, stop the exercise. Sit and massage your foot until you feel relief from the cramp. On Thursday night I would stop the exercise and try to work out the cramp before I continued. The article also suggested some stretches, which I may try. (I get foot cramps in spin class at times as well. I stop spinning and stretch out the foot to ease the cramp away.)
Another Livestrong article says some of the causes of foot cramps are stress, dehydration, lack of nutrients, bad habits, nerves and hormones.
Well, I have been kinda stressed lately. But what’s new? I am pretty hydrated and try to maintain a full, balanced and healthy diet so I think I am pretty good in the nutrient department. I don’t smoke but I drink alcohol, but not every day and not much. Not sure about any pinched nerves. And I am sure at my age hormones are definitely a factor.
Five things you need to know about foot cramps, you gotta read it here.
So it sounds like working on the stretches is the best thing I can do for my feet.
OK, and I should probably stop wearing high heels. But that ain’t gonna happen (at least anytime soon). Right before I hit the publish button I thought I should do a search on high heels and cramps, and according to yet another Livestrong article, the next time you squeeze your feet into a pair of high heels, consider the fact that those gorgeous shoes are one of the causes of toe cramps. Ah, crud. Well, what is a girl to do?